2013 Oct 18

Evanescent Continents, X Marks the Bökship, London

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Human Fiction Tartini is proud to present EVANESCENT CONTINENTS, a new project in collaboration with Shoppinghour Magazine. The project is based on an ephemeral amassing of sounds. We present the listener with a momentary evanescent continent, a shared sonic landscape bound to temporal rather than spatial existence. In this hour of collective listening you will hear new compositions from Chris Wood and Mikatsiu built from recordings submitted in a global call for sounds. These are human fictions built from the detritus of existing sounds. This first edition of Evanescent Continents takes place at X Marks the Bökship.

Sounds submitted from: A 6/2 Generator, Saul Albert, Carlos Azdi, Joe Banks, Peter Barnard, Alan Courtis, Francesco Generali, Dimitar Inchev, Haydeé Jiménez, Constantine Katsiris, Chris Mann, Shabsi Mann, Manoli Moriaty, Alyssa Moxley, David Rogers, Nina Sarnelle, Syma Tariq, Thomas Francis Walsh, Muffin Wood, Takeaki Yamazaki.

Risograph poster printed by Hato Press. Designed by TWO.

See Gallery for photos from the event!

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